Tactics Maiden

Tactics Maiden will be released on August 28, 2014 for both Android and iOS.
(Note concerning the delay: The feedback during our closed beta test has been very encouraging,
and we want to integrate as many of the great ideas for improvement as possible.)

Kingturn Trilogy

The Kingturn Trilogy comprises 3 separate turn-based strategy games that can be played in any arbitrary order.

ettled in a medieval fantasy world, the Kingturn series combines classic RPG elements like character classes,
skills, and
equipable items with a unique outpost conquering and enemy spawn system.

With over 60 character classes and altogether more than 230 playable scenarios,
the Kingturn trilogy is one of the most complex SRPG systems available for iOS and Android devices.

We've placed a great emphasis on a strong enemy AI to offer a challenging game experience.
Thanks to its 5 difficulty settings, Kingturn is suited for both veteran and novice strategists, though.

Kingturn Underworld

Kingturn Trilogy - Chapter I: The rise of King Constantin

TouchArcade Review

Lead undead and monsters to victory ...

The turn-based strategy RPG Kingturn Underworld comprises 2 campaigns with altogether 74 scenarios,
supporting new character classes like Thief, Lizard, Demon, and Heretic, as well as new
environments (snow, ice) and new sound tracks.


Kingturn RPG

Kingturn Trilogy - Chapter II: The rule of King Constantin

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Kingturn RPG is the core title of our turn-based SRPG trilogy, comprising a main campaign
with 65 scenarios and an additional skirmish campaign with currently 26 scenarios.

Kingturn RPG also features a few classes not available in the other titles,
for example the Summoner and the Trickster.


Kingturn RPG Plus

Kingturn Trilogy - Chapter III: The fall of King Constantin

The fantasy tactics game Kingturn RPG Plus marks the final chapter of our Kingturn trilogy,
connecting the story lines of all 3 titles and comprising a campaign with 67-scenarios.

Kingturn RPG Plus features a few classes not available in the other titles,
for example the Ranger and the Amazon.



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