Contact Us: Please contact us via info@mangobile.com for any kind of question or issue.

Who or what is Mangobile, and why would I care?

Founded in Berlin, 2010, Mangobile is an independent game development studio that is primarily focused on mobile devices.
We are using revenue-based financing for our game projects only, including a solid buffer for future maintenance and customer care expenses.
In other words, we will be still there when other studios are long gone.

While we are creating casual games now and then, we are mainly interested in offering more substantial food: Complex, old-school titles that challenge our players wits.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and listening carefully to our player community.

Isn't 3 to 5 USD quite much for a mobile game?

Creating titles like Tactics Maiden or Kingturn requires thousands of development hours.
And our strategy RPGs in particular represent a niche genre which makes financing via advertising very difficult, if not impossible.

We're also no fans of the widely spread freemium model with virtual currencies:

  • Players really interested in playing the whole game have to pay additional money on behalf of those players who are not.
  • Setting up a well working, non-evil virtual currency model requires a lot of time. Time we'd rather like to spent on improving the game itself and free additional content for the full version instead.

As passionate gamers ourselves, we prefer a shareware-like model:
Trying out a game for a few hours for free, and making a moderate one-time payment for the full version.