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The Kingdom of Andaria is at peace since many years thanks to the moderate and thoughtful rule of King Constantin. Even peasants start participating in the country's growing prosperity as a result of the 'King's Verdict'; - a royal law that grants a small share of wealth to the common folks, too.

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What's the difference between Kingturn, Kingturn Plus, and Kingturn Underworld? All 3 titles of the Kingturn trilogy are based on the same technology and the same game concept. The difference are:

  • Each title offers its own storyline and entirely different scenarios
  • Each title offers at least 2 character classes that are exclusive to this title (e.g. Summoner and Trickster in Kingturn RPG)
  • Different items (weapons, armor, rings, amulets)
  • Different sound tracks

So if you've enjoyed playing one of these games, there is a good chance that you will like the other ones as well.

In which order should I play the 3 titles?

In theory it doesn't matter. Players new to our series can't do much wrong, though, if they either start with Kingturn (main) or Kingturn Plus. Personally I would tend to play Kingturn Underworld not as the first title, mainly because it is probably the most challenging of the 3 parts.

The story of Kingturn (main) is the most independent one, so a good compromise between difficulty and story in chronological order would be imho:

  • Kingturn
  • Kingturn Underworld - 'Nights in Andaria' campaign
  • Kingturn RPG Plus
  • Kingturn Underworld -'Ten Years Later' campaign

Can I play Kingturn RPG on my device?

Android: The game should work fine on most (non-low-budget) Android devices using an API Version of 1.6 or higher.
iOS: All iOS devices with an ARMv7 processor running iOS 5.0 and above. So basically the only devices not supported are: iPhone 1st gen, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 1st/2nd gen.

Do I need to be connected to the mobile network or wifi to play the game?

No, this is a pure offline game. Apart from unlocking the full version via IAP (in-app purchase) there is no need to be connected to a network.

I just can't beat scenario xyz. What should I do?

Kingturn is a quite challenging game. Whenever the player beats a scenario he should feel that he has accomplished something. If you get stuck, just have a look at our Tips & Tricks section or the player forum on TouchArcade. If you still can't beat it after several tries, just turn down the difficulty setting in the Options menu.

What does the Option 'Minimum Spawn' mean (default value 0%)?

Think of the spawn chance as a dice roll that determines whether a new enemy is spawned or not. For each enemy you defeat, the chance of spawning new enemies decreases. At the end of each turn the spawn chance is slightly increased again. In other words, the whole spawn concept simulates wounded enemy troops and their recovery over time.

The 'Minimum Spawn (Chance)' in the Options menu determines how much you can lower the enemy spawn chance by defeating enemies. Let's say you've set the minimum spawn chance to 30%. Once the enemy spawn rate has reached 30% it won't get any lower, even if you defeat more enemies. In other words, the game gets more difficult if you increase this value. If you set the minimum spawn rate to 100%, you effectively switch off the spawn chance mechanism, and enemies will always be spawned to the possible maximum.

For the majority of players I would recommend to just stick to the default setting (0%). Advanced players might consider adjusting the minimum spawn chance to a value between 30% and 50% to spice things up a little bit.

What does the Option 'Permadeath' mean (default value off)?

If switched on, defeated player units won't recover before the current scenario is finished. This option can either be used by very experienced players to increase the difficulty substantially, or in combination with a lower difficulty setting to achieve a different game experience.

How can I increase a particular unit attribute during level up / training (e.g. Mov)?

You can't. Which attributes are raised during level up is based on the class alone, so the player cannot influence this in any way. The currently focussed attribute (green number and green frame) has also absolutely no influence on attribute gain. The attribute movement (Mov), for example, is never raised during level up for any of the classes. However, there is a passive skill called 'Mobility' that increases Mov by one, if the unit reaches the required level for this skill.

How does the focus system work (attribute with green number and green frame)?

The sole purpose of the focus system is to strengthen one of your unit's attributes. This is just an additional option to further customize your units. It makes perfectly sense to change a unit's focus from time to time, depending on how you plan to use the unit and on the scenarios themselves.

If you set the focus on an attribute, the attribute value is increased. If you focus another attribute afterwards, the previously focused attribute is reset to the original value. You can use this, for example, to boost the physical defense value of a warrior by sacrificing some of his ATK strength (ATK is the default focus of a warrior).

By how much a focused attribute is raised depends on the attribute and the level of the character. For example: Lvl 1 character --> Atk focus --> Atk +2 Lvl 15 character --> Atk focus --> Atk +16

Movement is the only exception in this case. It is always increased (only) by 1.

The default focus of the classes should be quite reasonable, so it is not really necessary to change anything. On the other hand, focusing an Assassin on SP for example, allows the Assassin to use Stealth Strike more often.

Once again, the focussed attribute has no influence on attribute gain during level up.

How is the amount of experience points (XP) calculated?

Each attack or skill usage grants XP, no matter whether it is a success or failure. The only thing that doesn't yield any XP is bashing on your own units.

The type of skill doesn't make any difference XP-wise, so Heal, Meditate, or Mass Heal yield the same amount of XP, for example.

The XP gain is based on the level difference between the unit and the average scenario level (as displayed on the map marker). The XP gain is ranged from a minimum of 1% (unit level much higher than scenario level) to a maximum of 25% (unit level substantially lower than the scenario level).

Counter attacks and a killing blow grant additional XP as well, but the amount is so small that it almost makes no difference (in other words, 'kill stealing' is pretty much pointless, which is a good thing, imho).

So there are basically only three things you can do to speed up leveling a particular unit: - Use the unit frequently - Make use of the Training option in the camp - Using lower level units in higher level scenarios grants effectively more XP

Dropbox support

There seems to be some confusion about the Dropbox support we've added in one of the last patches. First of all, it is completely optional. You don't need Dropbox to load or save games.

Loading and saving a local save game works in the same way as all lists in Kingturn: - Tap on a save slot in order to select it - Tap a second time on the same save slot to confirm the selection

The buttons 'Link', 'Backup' and 'Restore' are solemnly used in combination with Dropbox. Before you can use 'Backup' and 'Restore', the game has to be linked (only once!) to your Dropbox account. (If you have technical problems with linking the game, please have a look at our Support page and see possible problem solutions for Tactics Maiden).

'Backup' : Copies all local game saves (both manual and automatic) to the Dropbox repository, overwriting existing files! 'Restore': Copies all game saves from Dropbox to your device, overwriting all local game saves!

Note that there is no automatic synchronization between local saves and Dropbox. If you don't tap on the 'Backup' or 'Restore' button, nothing will happen.

(Also note that this works differently than our latest title Tactics Maiden. In Tactics Maiden Dropbox save files and local save files are completely separated and have nothing to do with each other).