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Juliet, necromancer and daughter of Overlord Xanthus, finds herself forced to flee the Underworld after a rebellion of her father's minions. Struggling to survive on Andaria's hostile surface, she has to take unusual measures to get things under control.

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Tutorial video


Just the PDF version of the tutorial video from above.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can change the game difficulty at any time via 'Game Options' in the main menu. Kingturn offers 5 difficulty settings:

    If you just feel like giving enemy mobs a good thrashing, this is the right choice for you. (-40% damage to own troops, -1 enemy on battlefield, decreased spawn probability)

    Strategy is required to beat the scenarios, but a mistake now and then is forgiveable. (-20% damage to own troops)

    (default difficulty) You have to plan your moves carefully. This is the difficulty setting the game was designed for. (100% damage to own troops, +1 enemy on battlefield, increased spawn probability)

    Very difficult. Only for experienced players. Definitely not recommended for your first play through. (100% damage to own troops, +2 enemies on battlefield, further increased spawn probability, increased spawn chance for elite opponents)

    A constant struggle for survival. Don't expect any fairness here. (100% damage to own troops, +3 enemies on battlefield, further increased spawn probability, increased spawn chance for elite opponents)

  • The main goal in most scenarios is to conquer all enemy barracks. As long as the opponent has barracks left, he will be able to replace fallen units with fresh troops. Whether you lure away the opponents from their own barracks to conquer it, or just use brute force, is up to you.


  • Check the map carefully for palisades. Each conquered palisade will increase your maximum army size by one while the maximum army size of the opponent will be decreased at the same time.


  • Each character class has its own strengths and weaknesses. Check the damage type of a unit you want to use (Phy, Bow, Mag) and find an opponent with a low defense value for this particular damage type (DPhy, DBow, DMag):

    • Knights are strong against Archers
    • Archers are strong against Mages
    • Mages are strong against Knights
  • Vary the attribute focus of your troops to give them individual strengths. Some of your warriors could focus on MOV, for example. Focussing all of your troops on damage is not necessarily the best choice.

    Attribute Focus

  • Once you have conquered all enemy barracks, you can use lower level units to finish off remaining opponents. This way your low level chars can catch up level-wise. Bandits are an excellent choice for this task since they can grant you some extra money with their skill Purse Strike.

  • Ignore treasure chests until you are sure that you will win a scenario. Usually you cannot afford to waste your troops on treasure collecting in the beginning.

  • You don't have to level up all of your units to the highest level. Even low level units can be very useful:

    Cannon fodder / feint attack: Move 2 or 3 low level chars towards an enemy barracks to lure the opponents. Conquer another enemy barracks in the meantime with strong / fast units. Set the focus on MOV and use them for conquering unguarded palisades

  • Assassins are an invaluable asset if used properly. Don't waste them at the front line by using them like warriors. Assassins excel at:

    • Intercepting enemies who get too close to your own barracks
    • One-shot-kill mages and witches with the skill Assassinate
    • Sneak up to and conquer unguarded enemy barracks
  • Mages are your main damage dealers. With their AOE skills (area of effect) they can wipe out several units in one turn. Just make sure to keep them out of archer range.

  • There are basically three different AI types of enemies (behaviour patterns):

    They remain stationary and only attack player characters that come into walk + attack range.

    They pursue player characters no matter how far away they are.

    Their main purpose is to occupy the player's barracks and palisades. Depending on the situation, they might decide to attack player characters along their way towards their target position, though.

    All AI types will try to conquer the player's barracks and palisades, if an opportunity arises.

    If you face mainly hunters, you might find yourself forced to concentrate on defense first. If you face mainly defenders, you have to take the initiative.