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Tactics Maiden is a fast-paced, turn-based strategy RPG for Android and iOS where the player has to conquer enemy outposts scattered throughout the battlefield.

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Why is Tactics Maiden so difficult? These permanent respawns are tiresome.

It's perfectly normal that you will struggle at first. Everyone does. Especially if you've played comparable titles before, where you usually try to defeat as many enemies as quickly as possible. This strategy won't get you very far in Tactics Maiden.

Once you have embraced the fact that Tactics Maiden is first and foremost about unit positioning, and then about defeating the right enemy units at the right time, you'll have a much easier time.

Here are a few general tips:

  • While there are a few exceptions, most of the time you are better off playing rather aggressively than defensively. Aggressively in the sense of moving your units swiftly to key positions like pillars and outposts.
  • At first your main focus should be to conquer as many of the red magic pillars as possible. This will increase the number of units you are allowed to move on the battlefield by 1, while it decreases the enemy forces by 1 at the same time. Sometimes this is difficult to accomplish by brute force alone, so here are a few options:
  • Use fast units like Bandits to lure away opponents from their pillars and outposts
  • Use Julien's 'Place Swap' skill to bring your own units faster close to enemy outposts and pillars
  • Sneak past enemy units with Catelyn's 'Hide' skill. Catelyn might appear rather weak at first, but once she gets the skill 'Ambush' on level 3, she will become your 'bread and butter unit' soon.
  • While it is very tempting to press the 'Speed up' button during the opponent's turn, there's a lot to be learned from watching enemy moves carefully in the beginning
  • Make frequent use of the Bandit's 'Mug' skill, especially once you are in a strong position and start 'clearing off' the map. The additional silver earned this way doesn't look like like much at first, but it really adds up.
  • If you are at the brink of losing a scenario, consider using the 'Retreat' button. You will keep all exp, gold, and items gathered so far, although you cannot keep (carry away) collected treasure chest content. This is still better than a defeat, though, which means losing all progress made in this scenario.
  • Last but not least: There is absolutely no shame in reducing the difficulty setting at first. After all, you are supposed to enjoy the game, and you can still raise the difficulty later on, once you've got the hang of it.

If you keep having problems with a particular scenario, just let us know. There's always the chance that we have exaggerated with the difficulty in some of the scenarios.

Does turning on Friendly Fire make the game more difficult?

The AI adapts accordingly if Friendly Fire is switched on. It's actually hard to tell whether the game becomes easier or more difficult this way. Since the enemy tries to avoid hurting its own units, AoEs will happen less frequently. But the player has the same problem, of course.

In general the AI behaves quite 'smart' in terms of AoE usage if Friendly Fire is switched on. For instance, an enemy healer will ignore player units standing in the healing zone, as long as they have full HP. If Friendly Fire is switched off, the AI simply ignores player units in general in such a case.

All questions related to experience points (XP)

  • XP are granted for any kind of activity on the battlefield like attacking or skill usage. Even counter attacks add a tiny amount of XP gain.
  • Just standing or moving on the battlefield doesn't yield XP
  • There are a few 'selfish skills' which grant no XP in general, though, like 'Hide', 'Defend' or 'Pray'. This is done in order to avoid XP exploits and XP advantages for the corresponding units.
  • Unlike Kingturn, there is no small XP bonus for killing a unit
  • The amount of XP granted for an action solemnly depends on the difference between a unit's level and the average scenario level (= the spawn level of enemies). Lower unit level results in higher XP gain. Counter attacks are the only exception with a generally reduced XP gain, otherwise all activities are treated equally XP-wise.

Questions related to Mercenaries

Unhired mercenaries will level up over time, while hired units won't level up automatically, even if they are temporarily released from the player's service. In this regard it makes sense to hire only those mercenaries you really intend to use.

How much HP are recovered for units standing on outposts or pillars?

HP recovery on outposts and pillars is based on 25% of a unit's maximum HP. There's no defense bonus on outposts an pillars.

Which attacks can be countered?

  • AoE skills cannot be countered in general (AoE = Area of Effect = more than 1 unit is targeted)
  • Skills that don't do any damage cannot be countered
  • All other single target skills and normal attacks can be countered, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the skill description

Why is there no 'Train' function like in Kingturn?

Training was removed intentionally after a long discussion with the beta testers, and all of them have been happy about this in the end: Especially now with also getting skill points for each level up, training would be much more attractive than buying items. Either the items had to be extremely cheap (which would result in top equipment all the time), or training would have to be ridiculously expensive (e.g. leveling up 1 unit costs more than hiring a new one with the same or even higher level).

Training is also not at all necessary in Tactics Maiden: Mercenaries you don't hire level up automatically over time. And there are much more mercenaries in the game than you will ever need, and the ones you do need (are using frequently) won't lack behind in level. You can also replace rarely used mercenaries with higher level ones later on.

Problems with beating scenario 13 - "Infiltration"

  • In this scenario stealth is crucial, so I'd recommend that Catelyn has at least +2 in Hide, better even +3. Additional HP or defense helps if things go wrong.
  • Your safest bet is not to use Catelyn for attacks at all, but solemnly for sneaking and conquering outposts and pillars. Even if things go terribly wrong, you can still win the scenario as long as Catelyn is alive. Wasting her with a failed Ambush won't do you any good
  • Watch the patrol routes and conquer outposts or pillars with Duncan or Catelyn if almost no enemies are close by
  • Once you have conquered your first outpost, move out a high defense unit (e.g. Knight) to defend the outpost. Depending on the situation, you can consider sacrificing Duncan and replacing him with a unit better suited for outpost defense, e.g. a Paladin
  • The outpost to the north is comparably easy to defend with two strong units. In the meantime your sneaky units should conquer the remaining pillars and outposts
  • Don't try to outdamage your opponent. If you are stuck in a 3 vs 9 situation, you are doing it 'wrong'. Focus on conquering pillars with your sneaky units instead to even the odds.
  • And last but not least: An elegant solution is to split up Catelyn and Duncan and sneak / conquer both enemy outposts at the same time. Requires good timing with the patrols, though.

For your convenience, here is the list of all in-game tips currently available:

Tap on the orange settings wheel to the right in order to adjust the game difficulty to your personal liking.

Story scenarios have a red map marker (id < 100). Green map markers are for subplots (id >= 100). Repeatable scenarios are purple (id >= 200).

You can rename any of your characters by tapping on the name on the Stats and Gear screen.

Check the damage type of a unit (Phy, Bow, Mag) and find an opponent with a low defense value for this particular damage type.

Knights are strong against Archers. Archers are strong against Mages. Mages are strong against Knights.

Yellow flags with a BLUE symbol represent peaceful units, while yellow flags with a RED symbol represent aggressive units.

You can change a unit's default skill by pressing the skill buttons available on the battlefield until a confirmation dialog pops up.

You can force a unit to move instead of using a selected AoE skill. Just press on an empty spot until the unit starts moving (long tap).

Every odd level a unit receives 2 skill points, every even level 1 point.

During early levels you are usually better off if you spread your skill points instead of maxing one or two skills or attributes.

Even during battle equipment and skill points can be changed. But only for those units that still reside in an outpost.

Tap on a character portrait to see the unit's battle statistics.

The class of a unit is the only factor that influences attribute gain during level up (not luck, not invested skill points).

Use 'Place Swap' to move past the enemy line, bring enemies closer to your close-combat units, or rescue endangered own units.

Unlike in our previous title Kingturn, 'Bulwark' can be used on top of outposts and pillars.

Consider skilling Crit% for units with multiple attacks (e.g. Flurry, Magic Missile).

Diversify your units via skill points and items: Damage dealers, high defense units, fast units.

Conquer as many pillars as possible to turn the tides of the battle.

Conquer all enemy outposts to keep your opponent from calling for reinforcements.

If you can't break through enemy lines, consider using stealthy units or skills like 'Place Swap'.

Close-by opponent outposts diminish a unit's chance of hiding successfully.

The success chance of hiding on top of an outpost or pillar is always 0%.

Protection against Pierce damage is based on the lowest defense value of the defender (D-Phy, D-Bow, D-Mag).

Protective skills like 'Shield Allies' become more important in later scenarios.

The priest skill 'Shelter' only heals a target if maxed out. Use a non-maxed 'Shelter' to keep warriors in Berserker rage.

Critical damage: 1.4 times standard damage. Massive critical damage (class ability): 1.8 times standard damage.

Try out various difficulty settings to find the most enjoyable experience for you.

Use the 'Retreat' skill of Wolf Riders after they have succesfully captured remote outposts or pillars.

Neutral units (yellow flag) cannot conquer outposts or pillars.

Neutral units marked with a padlock symbol will offer their mercenary services if they survive the battle.

Unit rewards: Ally: Joins you immediately. Merc: Must be hired. Padlock: A merc that can be hired if he survives the current battle.

Usually it is impossible to save all neutral units with a padlock symbol. Focus on those units you can make good use of later on.

Don't try too hard saving neutral units without a padlock symbol. Whether they join your team entirley depends on the story.

Using 'Mug' and 'Purse Shot' frequently adds up for a nice extra income.

'Mug' and 'Purse Shot' won't grant you any silver if used on animals.

Use 'Bewitch' to tie down opponents standing on their own outposts.

'Bewitch' is less effective against undead (-10%) and beasts (-20%).

Units with high D-Phy are more resistent to poison effects.

A fully skilled 'Heal' can remove the status effects 'Bewitched', 'Poisoned', and 'Silenced'.

If the 'Heal' skill is maxed, the ability to remove status effects is carried over to 'Group Heal'

A fully skilled 'First Aid' can remove all attribute related debuffs like Mov, Atk, Pow, and so on.

If the 'First Aid' skill is maxed, the ability to remove attribute debuffs is carried over to the skill 'Remedy'.

Class and item abilities (e.g. Berserker, Evade, Man Hunter) don't stack. So there is no benefit having the same class ability twice.

Scenario rating 'Mastermind': Don't lose blue outposts. Don't lose blue pillars. Collect all chests. Lose 50% less units than the enemy.