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Tactics Maiden is a fast-paced, turn-based strategy RPG for Android and iOS where the player has to conquer enemy outposts scattered throughout the battlefield.

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The most important source of information is Tactics Maiden's in-game tutorial. Start Tactics Maiden, go to the main menu, tap on 'New Campaign', and finally choose 'Tutorial'.

Afterwards, if you are still unsure how to play or beat the first story scenario, you can have a look at the following playthrough video:

Game mechanics changes

This section summarizes the most important changes compared to our Kingturn series. Even if you've never played Kingturn before, you might find useful information here.

  • As a default, there is no friendly fire in Tactics Maiden. This allows a faster-paced battle and supports some of the new / refined special skills much better. That said, friendly fire can be switched on via Game Options. The enemy AI will adapt its play style accordingly.
  • Retreating from a scenario will still grant you all XP, silver, and items gathered in this scenario. You won't be allowed to keep any collected treasures, though.
  • Losing a scenario will now result in a loss of everything you have achieved during this scenario. Thus, retreating at the right moment becomes an important strategic decision as well.
  • Whenever one of your units is defeated, it will take one additional turn until this particular unit is patched up and can rejoin the battle. This incremental counter is reset at the beginning of a scenario.
  • Conquering an outpost (= barracks in Kingturn) will NOT change the maximum size of allowed battlefield units any longer. This way conquering outposts becomes more a question of improving your strategic position instead of entirely turning the tides of a battle.
  • Kingturn's spawn probability system has been replaced with a more intuitive 'Injuries' based concept. Check the in-game tutorial for further details.
  • Mercenaries are 'true' individuals in Tactics Maiden. They can have any level, and they can be released and rehired later on, keeping their experience and names.
  • Some special skills in Tactics Maiden have similar names like in Kingturn but can have a (slightly) different functionality. Check the in-game descriptions of special skills carefully.
  • Some of the special skills offer additional features once you have invested a few skill points. The 'Heal' spell, for example, cures any negative status effect if maxed out.
  • You can rename any unit by tapping on its name on the character sheets.
  • Long tap on a special skill on the right menu bar to set it as the default skill whenever this particular unit is selected. - Long tap on a unit to display the character inventory and attribute screens.
  • Long tap on a battlefield position to enforce walking there. This is especially useful if you have selected an AoE skill that is covering the spot your unit is supposed to walk to.


You'll find plenty of detailed tips and tricks on our FAQ page.

There's one thing that should be mentioned here again, because it cannot be stressed enough:

In most comparable strategy titles the standard approach is to defeat as many units as quickly as possible. This strategy won't work out very well in Tactics Maiden, mainly due to its respawn system.

First and foremost Tactics Maiden is about unit positioning, and then it's about defeating the right opponents at the right time. Always keep that in mind, especially if you're stuck in a stalemate situation.

Skill Points

One of Tactics Maiden's central features is its skill point system.

Leveling up through combat experience yields 1 skill point for even levels and 2 skill points for odd levels. These skill points can be used to boost either the unit's attributes (HP, Atk, Pow,...) or one or more of its 4 class skills (in the example below 'Charge', 'Shield Allies',...).

Each skill or attribute can be boosted up to 3 times which results in 4 stages:

  • Stage 0: no skill points invested
  • Stage +1: 1 skill points invested
  • Stage +2: 2 additional skill points invested
  • Stage +3: 3 additional skill points invested

In other words, 6 skill points are needed in total in order to max out a particular skill or attribute. While stage 3 is usually the most rewarding one, the player is often better off with splitting skill points among several skills and attributes instead of maximizing just 1 or 2. This is especially true during early levels where fewer skill points are available.

It is also noteworthy that skill points can be reset and redistributed whenever a unit is out of combat. Especially on harder difficulties, players might find themselves tweaking their units via skill points and items quite frequently.

Let's have a look at the 'Knight' class to see how this works in practice:

Tactics Maiden - Knight

Should I invest more skill points in HP or defense values to make the unit more durable?

Or maybe some skill points in MP to avoid running out of magic points?

Increase Atk to do more damage?

Increase Pow to further strengthen 'Shield Allies' and better protect your other units?

Invest skill points in 'Cleave' for devastating damage against leather wearing armor units?

Increase Retaliation damage for a counter attack strategy?

Or maybe in Mov to make the unit move faster?

Of course there is no 'right' answer to theses questions. Everything depends on the player's preferences, play style, the kind of challenge lying ahead, as well as other available units.

Status effects

Status effects can be inflicted by special skills and weapons with the corresponding capabilities.

The status effects 'Silenced', 'Bewitched', and 'Protected' last only one turn, while units remain 'poisoned' until they are cured.

The status effect 'Enraged' requires the class ability 'Berserker' (see next section), and it is active as long the unit's own hitpoints are lower than 30%.

Tactics Maiden - Status conditions

Class abilities

A class ability is a passive bonus which is unique to each class type. Rare and legendary items can have class abilities attached, however, which allows for combining several class abilities on a single unit. Note that there is no additional bonus, if the same class ability is assigned more than once to a unit.

Bane of Archers 20% more damage vs archers.
Beast Hunter +20% damage vs beasts. -10% damage vs undead.
Berserker 60% more damage if own hit points are below 33% (orange HP). The 'Enraged' icon will be displayed on top of the unit once active.
Charm Immunity Immune to Bewitch skill.
Crit Hit Immunity Negates additional damage done by critical hits.
Evade Counter 80% chance to get no damage from a counter attack.
Fast Recovery Recover faster from knocked out status (-2 turns).
Gold Digger Better rewards from defeating opponents, e.g. more gold and slightly higher chance of rare and legendary item drops.
Human Hunter +20% damage vs humans. -10% damage vs beasts.
HP Regeneration Regenerates hit points after each turn. The amount depends on the unit respectively item level.
Life Saver 30% chance to survive a lethal blow with 1 HP instead. Can only be triggered if a unit has more than 1 HP.
Massive Criticals Increased damage for critical hits (180% damage instead of 140% for 'standard' critical hits).
Pierce Resistance Uses average of D-Phy, D-Bow and D-Mag as pierce protection. Without this ability, protection against pierce damage is based on the lowest defense value (D-Phy, D-Bow, D-Mag).
Poison Immunity Immune to poison.
Poisoner 10% chance to inflict poison with each standard attack or aggressive skill.
Quick Learner Increased experience gain.
Rabbit Run +1 Mov if own HP lower than 70% (yellow HP). +2 Mov if own HP lower than 33% (organge HP).
Silence Immunity Immune to Silence.
Silencer 10% chance to silence an opponent with each standard attack or aggressive skill.
Stealth Tracker Lowers an opponent's chance of successfully hiding close to the unit.
Stealth Master +3% success rate for Hide and Prowl.
Swift +1 Mov but 5% less damage for all skills and attacks.
Team Spirit 8% additional damage for each adjacent friendly unit.
Undead Hunter +20% damage vs undead. -10% damage vs human.
Unstoppable Immunity to movement debuffs.
Wounded Pride +10 % critical hit chance if own HP lower than 70% (yellow HP). +35 % critical hit chance if own HP lower than 33% (orange HP).

Scenario 108 - Playthrough

Last but not least, here's another playthrough of a more complex scenario. The solution is by no means perfect, but it's one of many viable strategies to beat this scenario.