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Tactics Maiden 2.1 released for iOS and Android

Posted on October 10, 2017 by mangobile

New features:
– Whether friendly units block each other’s path can be configured now (game option ‘Blocking buddies’ with default value ‘ON’)
– Dropbox access fixed (updated to the new API version 2)

Background info:
Dropbox has finally switched off its REST API version 1 servers at the end of September, with the result that Tactics Maiden’s Dropbox access stopped working.
In their defense, the Dropbox team has announced this change more than 1 year ago already, so enough time for (almost) everyone to be prepared in advance.
Well, in my defense, some things just can’t be postponed long enough… (the new API version must have been clearly designed for maximum possible incompatibility, yikes).

Well, it’s fixed in Tactics Maiden now (and the patch for Kingturn coming soon as well).
Since I didn’t want to have a tech-only release once more (the last one being the enforced switch to 64 bit on iOS), I’ve added a new feature based on a user suggestion:
The player can decide whether befriended units block each other’s path (default game option) or whether they can simply pass allied units like in many other turn based tactics games.
The feature affects both player and AI controlled units, so the enemy takes advantage of it as well.
Gives the whole game a somewhat different flavor, so I’d suggest giving it a try (game option ‘Blocking buddies’ set to ‘OFF’).

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