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Tactics Maiden Greenlit on Steam

Posted on May 13, 2015 by mangobile

Tactics Maiden has been Greenlit on Steam today.
My hearty thanks to all of the supporters and long-time fans who made this happen.

There’s a lot of work to be done, yet:
– A control scheme optimized for PC titles covering full mouse and keyboard support
– A drag & drop inventory system instead of a tap & choose system (the later one was imho better suited for the mobile version than drag & drop)
– Several layout changes to take full advantage of the lack of mobile display (size) restrictions
– It would be also a shame if we didn’t make better use of the PC’s processing and graphics power in terms of improved graphics, animations, and visual effects

I haven’t made a final decision, yet, but right now I would rather tend to create an entirely new title ‘Tactics Maiden 2’ instead of just porting Tactics Maiden to PC. Obviously there are quite a few difficult budget considerations involved, so you should take my words with a grain of salt, yet.

Summarized, I can’t promise when and even if Tactis Maiden (2?) will be available on Steam and GOG.
What I can promise, though, is that there won’t be just a half-baked mobile port.

6 responses to “Tactics Maiden Greenlit on Steam”

  1. rpg lover says:

    when maiden 2 release? i found the kingturn have many squell.. why not with maiden T.T .. can mangobile release “tactic maiden underworld” or something? i more likely set-up character like maiden than kingturn. thankyou

    • niebau says:

      Hi rpg lover, thanks a lot for your interest in our RPGs ;).

      Right now there are no concrete plans for creating Tactics Maiden 2.
      As much as we love building these titles, we couldn’t stir up enough interest for Tactics Maiden 1 so far to justify a second part.

      Personally, I also feel it’s time for a change, for us as a developer and also for our players.
      This year we will mainly do experimental stuff, and one of these experiments will be announced within the next 2 weeks and published shortly afterwards.

      Does that mean we are entirely through with RPGs?
      Well, since my interest in RPGs was pretty much the reason for becoming a game developer in the first place, I find that quite unlikely.
      It’s just not now.

  2. César says:

    Hi, I played Tactics Maiden on iPad, and I have to say that it’s the best game I played so far on iOS, I am a developer too, and I think you did a awsome job on this game, with the correct monetization scheme for this type of game.
    I hope you make Tactics Maiden 2 in the future.I tried the Kingturn series, but it’s a little bit difficult to deal with the layout(portrait) and menu scheme after playing the almost perfect controls of Tactics Maiden.If Kingturn games had the same controls of TM, I would buy all the games in the series for sure.

    • mangobile says:

      It’s always great to get positive feedback from a fellow developer, so thanks a lot for taking the time to share your thoughts, César.
      I’d say as well that Tactics Maiden’s user interface is more streamlined compared to the one offered in the Kingturn series, partially due to splitting the screen into 3 sections (battlefield, unit stats, skill buttons) instead of just 2, which was much easier to accomplish in landscape mode.

      What I had to learn the hard way, though, is that developers should be careful with porting back seemingly superior features to older titles.
      My very first SRPG Swords & Earrings published back in 2010 had a 100% virtual keypad control scheme initially, for example. So you couldn’t just select a unit or menu item by tapping on it, but had to navigate with (touch screen) arrows all the time. While this is somewhat understandable considering that Swords & Earrings was originally designed for Java ME phones which didn’t have a touchscreen, looking back now, I must have had quite some guts (or plain ignorance) to publish such a horrific input scheme.
      When I changed the user input to ‘standard touchscreen behavior’ in one of the patches, I was quite baffled to see how many players complained about the new control scheme which I thought to be clearly superior in every regard.

      Concerning Kingturn I know for sure that quite a lot of players actually prefer portrait over landscape mode, so I’d rather not mess around with it. After having playtested Kingturn in February this year for quite some time due to a larger patch, I found Tactics Maiden’s control scheme suddenly more clumsy than the one in Kingturn. So I guess it goes both directions, and it’s mainly a matter of getting used (again) to the other control scheme by playing a few scenarios.

      Feel free to post a link to your game(s), by the way. Any kind of additional exposure might help these days, even if it’s probably just a small one in this case ;).

  3. Ben Warren says:

    I just noticed this announcement – I’m not sure how I missed it before! Any further forays into a game as good as Tactics Maiden, be they port, upgrade or sequel will be greatly appreciated. It’s an underrated masterpiece.

  4. Jude says:

    I absolutely love your RPG games. As a programmer, I offer my kudos and appreciation for your excellent work. What can lovers if your RPGs do to help to facilitate Tactics Maiden 2? I know you want to! 🙂

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