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What’s next?

Posted on July 17, 2015 by mangobile

A few days back one of my friends saw the ‘Earth vs Balloons’ trailer and he started wondering whether this is the general direction Mangobile is headed now.

So let me get this straight: I always have been and I always will be an (S)RPG guy. Creating 6 SRPG titles in a row (counting the first 2 abandoned titles Sw&Ear and Knighturn as well) is nothing that happens by accident.

With the plethora of great looking mobile games out there now, there’s one thing that can be easily overlooked, though: Creating an (S)RPG that is ‘awesome in every regard’ remains extremely challenging, and I’m not quite there yet.
So instead of rushing head over heels into developing the next (S)RPG title, I’ve decided to take a few detours to further hone my skills and catch a breath financially first.

With Earth vs Balloons I mainly wanted to try out a few things I hadn’t done so far:
– artwork based on vector graphics
– multi-language support
– perfect view port scaling for all screen resolutions
– physics-based game mechanics
– business model based on advertising
– reaching out to an entirely different audience to see where this is going financially

The next experimental project is all about 3D, motion-captured animations, lighting, and most importantly satisfying 3D input controls.
I’ve started working on several 3D prototypes last year already, but I haven’t decided yet which of them to further pursue.
So that’s all I can tell for the time being.

4 responses to “What’s next?”

  1. Phil says:

    Just wanted to say that I love the work you do and if expanding is what you want to hone your passion, please hone away

    You do well creating your passions, thank you!

  2. Tom says:

    I have played all of your RPG games and loved them (despite the old-school graphics). Your story lines are classic and I’m looking forward to the day you release the next one. In the meantime good luck with your side projects!

  3. Greg says:

    Love all of your SRPGs, have bought all of them. Hope you haven’t given up developing games.

    • mangobile says:

      Hi Greg, thanks a lot for your encouraging words and your interest in our SRPG series.
      We haven’t given up on developing new games, but it’s true that we’re currently taking a longer break.
      Being more specific about the time frame of a new title is fairly difficult right now, but I’m quite positive this isn’t the last thing you’ve seen or heard from Mangobile ;).

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